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2020 Chinese National Youth Virtual Online Floorball Competition Completed Successfully

This first Chinese national youth virtual floorball basic skills competition, which was launched by China Floorball Union and was going on for one month from middle of October, has successfully finished in 15th November. Under the background of regular epidemic prevention and control in China, CFU still received over thousand videos of participant---different ages range from U8 to U19 and some adults as well--- from all over the country. The results of competition is released after several days of video judging.

Participants from Shanghai such as Shanghai Pinghe Private school and Shanghai Experimental School occupied several first places of dribbling, round cone shooting,team relay passing and receiving. The category of competition includes players from U8, U10 ,U12 and U14.

Participants from Chengdu brought some surprises for floorball fans in which several representative coach ,schools and ‘club 108’ got off with some awards.

These results will indeed add confidence to Chengdu as the host city of 2025 World Game, which floorball has been included as an official specific-sport .

“Floorball, as a fashion, speedy, safe, interesting and international team sport, has been officially introduced into China from IFF since 2007, is getting more and more popular though it had gone through some tough time. Almost half of Chinese provinces has floorball daily activities and regular youth tournament. “

Presently, CFU is seeking cooperation with Federation of University Sports of China and China Schools Sports Association with the endorsement of both the IFF and AOFC and support from the General Administration of Sport.

It aims to promote floorball to more students with participation in floorball practices in campus and making floorball as the official sport item in the system of national students multiple sports game.” says Mr Yuan Yong, Vice President of China Floorball Union.


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