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An international floorball seminar was organised at the university of Shanghai for Science and Technology from October 19th to October 28th 2018. 

Mr. Tapio Hämeen-Anttila, the Finnish women’s U19 team manager and Mr. Timo Suonpää, the coach of the Singapore women’s team were invited to have lectures in the seminar. Their lectures were about curriculum design, construction and development. In total, 50 floorball specified teachers and students from the Ministry of Physical Education, participated in the seminar.

The context of the seminar was different from the traditional physical education. The participants watched game footage in the classroom, explored rules and also psychological testing. The lecturers gave good guidance for the participants and the enriching training programmes made participants devote themselves to the seminar more actively.

Through the seminar, the students not only broadened their horizons, strengthened their physical fitness and improved their skills but also, deepened their understanding of floorball movement. Through communication with the foreign teachers, the local teachers could explore the curriculum design, teaching methods and educational concepts. They also experienced the diversity of physical education teaching methods. Concerning the course construction, the teachers now have a thorough understanding of the development model of the Finnish youth floorball league. Combined with the sports competition course in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology they are prepared for the upcoming full-scale competition course.

The high-level coaches brought different teaching concepts and methods to all participants and this way all the participants could benefit from the seminar. The seminar was supported by the school’s high-level university construction project as well as by the IFF and the AOFC. The atmosphere in the seminar was pleasant from the beginning until the end.

After the seminar, students who passed the assessment also received the Basic Level Certificate of Junior Coaches and Referees, which is endorsed by the IFF. It has created a more solid foundation for the promotion and development of floorball sports in China.

Source and photos: China Floorball Federation


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