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The floorball seminar for IFF basic level floorball coaches and referees was successfully completed in Shanghai, China. The training seminar took place 4th-7th of November 2018 in Donghua University.

The first coach for the men’s national team in China and the CFF referee committee director, Professor Guo Xueqi, was invited to be the seminar lecturer. Also Mr Michael Blažík, who has previous coaching experience from the South Korean men’s and women’s national team, was giving lectures for more than 50 students.

The seminar was sponsored by Songjiang district Sports Bureau and undertaken by Yilin Floorball Club in Songjiang district of Shanghai. The seminar was supported and endorsed by IFF and AOFC YDC. Mr Liu Lixia, the director of Competition and Training Department of Songjiang district Sports Bureau, was invited to give speeches in the opening ceremony. He also expressed the importance and confidence of the Sports Bureau of Songjiang district to the development of floorball.

During the seminar, Professor Guo Xueqi was responsible for the training of referees and and the basic floorball knowledge. Professor Xueqi also explained the basic rules of floorball and essentials of referee’s enforcement and the practices for better performance. Lecturer Michael Blažík was responsible for the basic technical details of floorball, training methods and competition management. During the training, all the students showed great interest in learning, actively participated in various training sessions and had heated discussions with remarkable results.

36 coaches and 14 referees passed the training and examination and obtained the basic level certificate of Junior Coaches and basic level certificate of Referees, which are both endorsed by the IFF.

The students learned a lot about floorball and now understand the basic skills for playing and refereeing. The training class expanded the influence of floorball and laid a solid foundation for the future development of floorball in China.



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