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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Singapore beat Thailand 17-1 in the Men’s AOFC Cup final. Singapore was the only team that stayed undefeated in the event. Singapore’s key players in the final were Vignesa Pasupathy and Akmal Shaharudin who scored three goals each. 

Philippines won bronze after defeating Korea 6-5. Philippines lead the game in the last period, but Korea came back and scored the equalising goal just 7 seconds before the end. On the 66th minute, Ryan Hallden scored the golden goal and Philippines could start the celebration in front of their home crowd. Philippines will host SEA Games later this year and floorball is also included.

Japan took the fifth place in the tournament by winning Malaysia 9-5. India got placed 7th when they beat Pakistan also 9-5.

Men’s AOFC Cup 2019 final standings

All match results and statistics can be found here

All match replays on IFF Channel 1


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