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The 7th China national floorball coaching seminar of 2021 successfully finished

The 7th national floorball coaching seminar of 2021 was successfully held from Sept 16th to 19th in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. The seminar was organized by China Hockey Association (CHA), co-organized by the Bureau of Education of Xincheng District of Hohhot, and undertaken by Inner Mongolia Yuanheng Sports Culture Development Co, Ltd... Totally over 60 participants are from Inner Mongolia, Tianjin etc...

In the morning of Sept 16th, Mr. Wang Tong, Director of Youth of the Handball, Hockey, Baseball and Softball Administrative centre of General Administration of Sport of China, together with Ms. Fu Jing from Youth department, attend the opening ceremony. Mr Wang Tong welcomed all the participants, introduced the development of China Floorball, training and event plan of CFU(China Floorball Union).He also expressed the willing that with the effort of CHA and Inner Mongolia Hockey Institute, floorball shall have a good promotion in Inner Mongolia.

The lecturer of this seminar is Mr. Guo Xueqi, Head of Event & Referee Department of CFU. During the seminar, Mr. Guo gave a detailed introduction of the history and characteristics of floorball, also explained the basic technical skills and basic regulations of floorball. Meanwhile, the participants learned the basic training methods of floorball. After four-days learning, 56 participants pass the theoretical and practical exam, gained CFU Coaching Certification.

“We are grateful for the support of General Administration of Sport of China, China Hockey Association, CFU for this seminar. We also want to express our gratitute towards the lecturer, we are looking forward to seeing them coming to Inner Mongolia and teaching more advanced theory and practical knowledge of floorball. The participants accomplished their training ,passed the exam and achieved the coaching certification. We hope that we can train more young floorball players, leading the development of floorball in Inner Mongolia to a standard, scientific and sustainable way.” said Mr. Yue Liya, General Secretary of Inner Mongolia Floorball.


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